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Organizing Photo Gallery

Creating a space with less clutter, more functionality and freedom. Check out more of Essential Living’s work on Instagram and contact Sherri today to get started on your next organizing project. 

Taking control of laundry room storage with a few plastic bins and labels.

This pile of appliance and tool manuals are now stored digitally and can be recycled.

Downsizing from tubs of keepsakes to these craft boxes. Each person in the family has one box to store keepsake items.

Reclaiming a closet.

The end to hunting for spices and buying duplicates.

Creating an organized work-from-home space.

Taking family memories (old photos, cards, certificates, awards, etc.) and turning them into digital files. Using a specific file naming system, they will be easy to find, shareable and frees up space in your home.

By adding a second rod to the closet, it creates the perfect place  to hang dress-up clothes which makes them easier to access and pick up.

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