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What does “essential living” mean?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary (2017) defines essential to be “of the utmost importance”. Essential living is about living a life focused on the people, activities and things that are of the utmost importance in their lives.

Have you ever wondered how you seem to stay busy all the time but you feel like you aren’t getting anything accomplished? This may be caused by the amount of time you are spending with your “unimportant things” such as selecting an outfit to wear from your overstuffed closet with clothes that no longer fit or are a few years out of style. Or because you cannot find your keys or where you put the kids’ soccer shoes. If you could get rid of the clutter, create a place for everything and then, follow a system so it remains there, you will save yourself time and a few headaches.

You may be moving from a place you’ve called home for 5, 10, or even, 20 years. Over this time, you’ve accumulated a lot of things. Whether you have space for all your stuff in your next home or not, this would be a great time to downsize and get rid of the non-essentials so moving is easier and cheaper. Purging items at this point by giving them to those in need, selling them, or passing them along to friends and family, will reduce the burden these items will cause for you and your loved ones.

When you can save time, have fewer headaches, keep more money, and be less burdened, you can have essential living—a life where you focus on what is important. And Essential Living with Sherri is about helping people achieve this freedom.

photo credit: Dream Big Printables

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