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What solutions really work?

Are you wondering how you can get organize and if there are solutions that really work?

As I've helped others (and myself) downsize, declutter, and get organized, I have found some great tips and tricks. I would love to share ideas about how to sort your things and how to set up your storage spaces from the food in your kitchen to your children's artwork. Join me over the next 10 days as I introduce solutions that work so your time can be spend on what is important— you can focus on essential living.

Solutions that Work series:

  1. Food storage tips

  2. Meal planning

  3. Sorting your closet

  4. Clothing and accessory storage solutions

  5. Laundry and general storage ideas

  6. Moving and decluttering

  7. Going paperless

  8. Greeting cards

  9. Your children's keepsakes

  10. Where to take your donations

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