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Solutions that Work: Meal Planning

Today is day 2 of the Solutions that Work series. We will tackle meal planning.

If you can get your meal planning and grocery shopping organized, you will save yourself time, headaches, and money.

First, decide what you’ll have for dinner each night for the next week. I suggest having your personal/family calendar with you so you know where you’ll be during the day so you can determine what kind of meal will be best. I’ve seen families use different tools to record their meals:

  • What To Eat Pad which is also has a magnet for easy posting

  • Write-erase or chalk boards

  • Notebook (I write out my meals in my planner notebook.)

Here is what we have on our menu this week:

Sunday Basked salsa chicken (I omitted the vinegar), rice, salad (spinach, strawberries, almonds, goat cheese, & balsamic vinaigrette)

Monday Enchiladas casserole (I have used 2 pd. ground turkey breast and ground beef)

Tuesday Coconut Chicken with Pina Colada Dip, potatoes, fruit

Wednesday Slow-Cooker BBQ sandwiches (I have not made the coleslaw), salad

Thursday French toast (mix eggs with creamer, cinnamon, & vanilla extract--and sometimes I throw some crushed almonds onto the bread before I flip it over), turkey sausage, fruit

Once you pick your meals, then you check your organized food storage to see what you may need to buy. For me, I mark up a pre-printed list of grocery items. I actually hang this on the fridge starting the week prior so we can mark any item we notice getting low. I was so tired of going to the grocery and forgetting things.

DOWNLOAD an editable version of the list of grocery items and modify to align with your family's favorites.

This system seems to keep our family on track for eating home 5 to 6 nights a week. If you need help editing the downloadable version, please contact me at

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