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Solutions that work: sorting your closet

Today is day 3 of the Solutions that Work series. We will tackle sorting your closet and tomorrow, we’ll talk about how to put the “keep” items away.

The essential focus of closet organizing is having in your closet only clothes and accessories that you will, can and should wear.

To get started, remove everything from your clothes closet and clean—vacuum, wipe off shelves, etc. Now, you are starting with a clean slate.

I know that some people can do this alone with a glass of wine and a full-length mirror. Others, you may want to bring in a friend (or me) to help you make a decision about each piece. Here is what you need to do for each item.

You will try on each piece of clothing and accessory. Ask yourself

  • Does this fit me and flatter me figure? If you are pregnant or are seriously at a point where you’ll be wearing smaller clothes, then you can consider including things that will fit and look great on you.

  • Is it stain free and in good condition?

  • Do I love it?

If yes to all three questions, put the clothes in your keep pile.

If no, then determine if the item should go to trash, given to someone else, resold, donated or held onto for a decision later.

  • If there are stains and rips, put in the trash pile.

  • If the clothes are in great condition and could be used by someone you know, put in the gift pile. Give the item to someone who can use it.

  • If the clothes are in great condition, cannot be used by someone you know, and are the current style, put in resale pile. Re-selling can be done through online marketplaces like craigslists, Facebook, and eBay. Or, you can sell items through second-hand shops.

  • If the clothes are in good condition and are not the current style, put in donate pile.

  • If the clothes are in great condition and you just cannot decide yet, put in the hold pile.

For accessories, I would recommend that you use the same standards of does it fit, do I use it, is a in great condition and is it in style. And then, if the answer is no either trash it, gift it, resell it, donate it or put it on hold.

For things that aren’t clothes and don’t need to be in closet, find another home for them.

Now, you should have far less things to put back in your closet.

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