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Solutions that Work: Clothes and Accessories

Today is day 4 of the Solutions that Work series. We will tackle your clothes closet and how to make the most of your space.

For me, when my clothes are organized, I can more easily pick out something to wear and get on with my day. Because of the space in our closet, you may think you have to live in a state of chaos and disorder. Well, you don't and here are a few solutions to try.

For shoes, think vertical. Your shoes no longer need to clutter your closet floor.

Over the door shoe hanger

I bought mine at the dollar store.

Hanging shoe shelf

Over the door shoe rack

This one is available at Walmart for $18.95.

For flip flops, use a small basket.

Another tip is to use pool noodles in your tall boots to help them keep their shape.

For folded clothes, add a hanging shelf.

For seasonal clothes not in use, use vacuum bags.

For shirts and kids closets, you can add a second rod. This adds twice as much hanging space for shirts or folded pants and is great for kids to reach their own clothes.

I use the second rod that I purchased from Amazon in my 6 year old daughter’s room for her dress up clothes.

When putting your clothes away, put like-with-like such as tanks, short sleeve, long sleeve (no buttons), long sleeve (with buttons), sweatshirts, etc. This makes getting dressed in the morning evening easier because you know where to find everything.

I also read once to use matching hangers as this seems to bring your closet together. Since I purged so much from my closet, I am able to use matching velvet hangers in my closet and white hangers in my husbands. It does seem to make things look even neater.

If you still don’t have room for all of your “keeps”, you may want to go through your clothes again to see if you can get rid of a few more pieces.

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