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Solutions that Work: Greeting Cards

Today is day 8 of the Solutions that Work series. We are going to tackle greeting cards.

Whether you’ve been boxes of greeting cards or you are just looking for a way to organize cards in the future, I have an easy solution for you. The Greeting Card Binder provides a home for your cards and displays them so you can read through them easily.

Supplies for Greeting Card Binder

  • Mini binder for 5 ½” x 8 ½” paper The one I use is from Target. You can find a selection of these in their “build your own planner” section.

  • Hole puncher

  • Your special cards

If you have an abundance of card, you will need to sort through your cards for the ones you want to keep. These are usually the ones with a special message written inside. If you are having difficulty deciding, you could keep one card from each sender.

You could always personalize the binder itself with special messages you’ve received. And, you can write the date on cards to help you remember when it was received.

When I began to minimize and purge things from our home, I scanned all of my special cards into digital files and discarded of them (this process is for another blog post). So, when selecting my cards for my binder, I printed out a few of the very special ones.

Once you have created your Greeting Card Binder, you can keep it bedside or in your home office—somewhere where you can look through it when you need a mood boost. You will have to purge over the years your cards as you add more to your collection.

I’d love to hear from you if you have a different way of saving special cards or if you create a Greeting Card Binder. Tomorrow, I am going to talk about your children’s keepsakes and how you can keep the things that matter most.

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